Dunster Castle Proposal

Proposal for visual interpretation of the ages of the castle from 1150 – current day

Meeting Bev Woodger – 17th February 1996, 3pm

Notes from my meeting with Bev Woodger in the Luttrell Arms Hotel, Dunster, 17th February 1996, 3pm Mr Woodger was a teacher for 40 years, he is now retired and researches the local area of Minehead and Dunster. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding this project. Having looked at the work so far, he […]

Background to Choosing this Project (1996)

Background to Choosing this Project – A report submitted as part of my final major project (1996). With regards to my Client based project, the decision really had already been made in my second year. We were given a project entitled ‘Construction’ and for that I chose the construction of castles, with the castle in question […]

Bev Woodger – 20th June 1995

Dear Miss Field, Thankyou for your letter. I understand what you are hoping to do now. I suggest that the main stages in the development that could be covered are: 1266 – a few buildings existed on the upper ward and the lower ward was protected by a curtain wall of which a gateway still […]

Bev Woodger – 16th May 1995

Dear Miss Field, Thankyou for your letter of 2nd May 1995. You invite my comments and here they are for what they are worth. Obviously the choice of topic must be yours, but I would suggest that since there is virtually no connection between the development of the National Trust and Dunster Castle, it would […]

Bev Woodger – 21st March 1995

21st March 1995 Dear Ms. Field, Thankyou for your letter. I am pleased to hear that your course is proceeding satisfactorily. I showed your letter to the Castle Administrator and we would be pleased to see your work develop in the way you suggest and will of course offer you whatever assistance we can and […]

Dunster Castle Visit

Meeting with Volunteer Guide – Bev Woodger 4th November 1994 The following letter was received on the 26th October 1994 in response to enquiries sent out to specific heritage sites for interest in being a test site for my major project. 24th October 1994 Dear Miss Field, Your enquiry to the Tourist Information Centre at […]