Bev Woodger – 20th June 1995

Dear Miss Field,

Thankyou for your letter. I understand what you are hoping to do now. I suggest that the main stages in the development that could be covered are:

1266 – a few buildings existed on the upper ward and the lower ward was protected by a curtain wall of which a gateway still remains, possibly a tower also although it is more difficult to ascribe that exactly.

1405 – gatehouse built

1617 – new manor house developed – now part of the existing house

1650 (approx) – Oliver Cromwell demolished the defensive parts of the castle.

1700s – change in levels of the inner ward which was levelled to its highest point. Previously sloping.

1868 – Manor house took its present shape

Other alterations are of a minor nature and would complicate the animation without adding anything to the telling.

You will probably find adequate information to get the general idea in the N.T. house guide (about £1.80 from the castle) Get the text version not the picture book although you might find this useful as well.

Best of luck, let me know what help you require.

Yours sincerely,

Bev Woodger.