Major Project – Outcome IP

Intellectual Property I have discussed copyright and trademark registration with the Wessex Innovation Service who advised applying for Trademark protection for The Talking Walls, and registering the design for the template and the matrix. Earlier in the year I acquired two domain names – and ready for the website to be uploaded once […]

Major Project – Outcome Research

Researching interface navigation was extremely helpful for both the Interface and the Matrix. There is an incredible amount of information for this on the web, in magazines such as Creative Arts, Digit and .Net, as well as the library. There is a White Paper by Pat Brogan on ‘Using The Web for Interactive Teaching and […]

Major Project – Outcome Project Management

Project managing was difficult due to the pressures of the company and the different stages it has been going through over the two years. When the course was started, there were five people in the company, there are now only two. This has meant that personal spare time has eroded leaving a considerably smaller amount […]

Major Project Evaluation

Evaluation Although I consider the MA successful in terms of achieving goals set in the proposal, there are several areas that will need to be re addressed. Within the evaluation, I would like to take a critical look at areas that would have benefited by either being worked on in a different way or by using different […]

Major Project – Outcome Review

The Talking Walls – Review and Evaluation Review The project, now called The Talking Walls, has benefited greatly from the MAiP course. Even more so having been held over two years parttime, than if it had been completed in one-year full time. It was necessary to cover this in two years due to the level of […]