King John’s Tour

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Virtual Tours of Beaulieu Abbey

There are nine characters’ tours of Beaulieu Abbey – each tour provides the character’s perspective and information following the same route. Through The Talking Walls – Beaulieu Abbey (Adobe Flash) website, you are able to choose a character to guide you around the abbey. The tours follow the points set out on the map below: […]

Launch Event Press Photography

Press photographs taken by Beaulieu’s press photographer Tim Woodcock on the 10th May 2010 outside the Frater (church) doorway at Beaulieu Abbey.

Launch Event – Itinerary

The Talking Walls – Beaulieu Abbey launch Wednesday 19th May 2010 Arrival: 10.30am (Tea, Coffee & Biscuits served in the Domus Undercroft) Welcome and Introduction: 11.00am (by Mary Montagu Scott, Beaulieu Enterprises) Presentation: 11.05am (by Deborah Wilson, Creative Director of The Talking Walls UK Ltd) Celebratory Reception: 11.45am (Wine & Canapes served in the Domus […]