Bev Woodger – 21st March 1995

21st March 1995

Dear Ms. Field,

Thankyou for your letter. I am pleased to hear that your course is proceeding satisfactorily. I showed your letter to the Castle Administrator and we would be pleased to see your work develop in the way you suggest and will of course offer you whatever assistance we can and which you feel appropriate.

You have seen the castle and you know how vast the topic could be. Only you know how much time you want to devote to the work, and therefore I suggest you are the best person to set your objective, define the parameters of your work, and give us some idea of what you hope to produce. When you have done that we will be better placed to assist you and feed into your thinking process and advise you on how we think your animation might be best used by us. Both the Administrator and I are well aware of the differences that may be forced by constraints of time or resources as the project develops, and if this is to be offered as a client centred project you should not be afraid that we will try and be too prescriptive. It is much easier for you to amend a planned, detailed objective so that you can overcome constraints than it is to try and find an objective to fit the finished project.

Perhaps when you have got your thoughts together you would like to write or ring me and fix up a date for another meeting. It would be a good idea if the administrator was present. It would be helpful if you could give a couple of times to choose from and I will then check with the Administrator as his diary is rather fuller than mine, and I can contact you again to confirm. The Administrator normally has  Thursday and Friday off in lieu of his weekend, so try to avoid them please.

Yours sincerely,

Bev Woodger.