Research papers

We have collected research from a variety of sources to reinforce our strategy for Talking Walls®. Please take a look at the PDF documents listed:

Archive 2008


Families and children - National Trust (59Kb)

History matters - National Trust (30Kb)

Learning outside the classroom (731Kb)

Leisure studies (42Kb)

Museums - dynamic learning centres (21Kb)

Museums - policy from practice (388Kb)

Value of heritage - National Trust (2Mb)

Opening doors (46Kb)

Practical strategies (1Mb)

Museums - the talking images guide (321Kb)

Research abstracts - electronic guidebooks (47Kb)

Tate Modern - multimedia tour (134Kb)

Tate Modern - multimedia tour pilots (201Kb)

Technology - heritage and children (123Kb)

Tourism opportunities (983Kb)

Tourist satisfaction (1.2Mb)

Understanding technology (644Kb)