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The Talking Walls® - Jane Austen demo  Aug 2009

The demo shown below is for a possible new Talking Walls project - Famous People, their homes, life and works. The first of which is Jane Austen.

With a few days research followed by modelling and animation, the images were then edited together along with a script and music. This has taken barely a week in total, with a steep learning curve in a new piece of software for the Regency figures.

It is hoped that with interest and funding this demo can grow into the first application for the themed Famous People concept, a series that may include people such as William Shakespeare, Henry VIII, The Bronte Sisters and Charles Dickens.

This would eventually be available for iPhone, Smartphones, handhelds and kiosks, accessed via The Talking Walls web server so that you would be able to visit anyone of the homes covered and view the real space whilst exploring the virtual, and continue over the web once back in your own home / country.

We are currently looking for funding to develop this further. For further details please contactDebs Wilson



The Talking Walls® - Beaulieu Abbey pilot May 2009

Micro Project Funding for the Beaulieu Abbey site was awarded in May 2008, so the Beaulieu Abbey project was able to start on May 6th. Approximately nine months later, with very many late hours, various learning curves and support, the project is complete and waiting to go live.

The application will be installed on a kiosk within the Abbey exhibition space sometime later this year. Meanwhile, the website is accessible for preview via The Talking Walls® website. This is for people to explore the content and provide feedback so that the site can continue developing. Downloads of some of the content will be made available for future visitors to the Abbey, again via this site.

Many thanks to our 'creative team' of freelancers: Sandy Whitehead, Rebecca Furse and Alex Hogg for the huge effort they put into helping make this happen, also to Seanine Joyce for the specially composed music for each of the characters, and to New Forest Post productions for the help and use of their recording studio.

Susan Tomkins, the archivist at Beaulieu, a special thanks for your input and time, John Pemberton, many thanks for your support and to Bernard Brooks of Business Link for the amazing effort in directing me with the successful funding application, finally to Louise Lubke Cross of SEEDA (now at Finance South East) for the patience shown in my learning curve of grant reports.


Micro Project Funding Application - FSE / SEEDA

Submitted on 3rd January 2008

I have at long last submitted the application for Micro Project funding. This has taken some considerable time to put together, with several delays both external and personal, but it is now done. The funding will enable me to create The Talking Walls® first fully working software application for Beaulieu Abbey in Hampshire, a Cistercian monastery. There are only the dormitories left of this once magnificent abbey, it will be very exciting to re-build this and re-create the lives of the monks that lived there. More news to come about this proposal on The Talking Walls news blog soon.


Beaulieu Abbey - more information


Micro Project funding - more information .


Flying Start for Women Programme

As of the 7th January, I am a participant on the Flying Start for Women Programme organised by the National Council of Graduate Entrepreneurship.

The inaugural event is a 3 day residential course in York (7th - 9th January), which is followed by monthly meetings with an assigned mentor for the duration of a year.

The aim of the programme is to help take your product, service or idea and make it a business reality.

Flying Start - more information


Innovations Exploitation Collaborations Ownership

Talking Walls® has been awarded a place on the Digital Horizons course commencing 27th June 2007 at the Groucho Club – 45 Dean Street / London / W1D 4QB
Gina Fegan (SEMN CEO) has confirmed that in addition to the Digital Horizons course the Digital Horizons participants will be eligible to attend for free the London Games Festival Creative Industries Content Market and Rights Lab on the 23rd & 24th Oct as supported by Pact and BAFTA.

The first event was speed networking. Participants then moved on to The David Lean Room at BAFTA (195 Piccadilly) for the official Digital Horizons course Industry drinks reception (6.30-8.30pm).

Ben Keen, Chief Analyst for Screen Digest gave the keynote speech.

What is Digital Horizons?

For experienced professionals Digital Horizons offers the opportunity to spend a year getting to know industry peers and innovators from across the media Œsilos¹ (film, television, music, computer games, mobile) whilst learning new business models, relevant technologies and being inspired by those leading the field.


The programme runs for a year from June 2007 delivered through master classes, seminars and industry exchange events with one or two events per month.

EVA Conference - Workshops

Talking Walls® presentation / abstract has been selected for the “Workshop on 3D models for cultural heritage applcations” at the next EVA London 2007, on Monday 9th July.


Scope and rationale

Because it appeals to a wide audience, the cultural sector can supply several compelling forms of digital content suited for a diverse spectrum of uses, ranging from learning and entertainment to study of art history and cultural documentation. For this reason, the development of culture-related IT products and services has been the focus of a large number of efforts worldwide, originating both from companies and Government agencies. This is particularly true in Europe because of its immense repository of artistic treasures. One of the most effective media for visual representation of complex cultural artefacts is that of high-quality 3D graphical models.

3D models for cultural heritage applications constitute a new and exciting way for the general public to experience and appreciate culture and art. Apart from new means of presentation and access, such 3D models enable the development of novel paradigms in cultural heritage exploration and preservation. This workshop will provide an international forum for discussing recent advances in the area of 3D modeling and visualisation technologies for Cultural Heritage, aiming at bringing together international stakeholders from cultural institutions and museums, university and research organisations. We also welcome project coordinators and partners of recent and current EC co-funded project active in relevant sectors and invite them to disseminate the results achieved as well as to describe on-going research activities. The workshop is organised in conjunction with EVA London 2007 and the EC co-funded project RECOVER. This workshop is the latest in the series of exciting workshops on 3D technologies for Cultural Heritage organised for many years by EVA.














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